Spall Armor | Spall Liner | Blockers of Spall for 11×14 AR500 Steel Plates- PAIR

Spall-11×14-PAIR-5TSpallA-Inside2SpallA -InsideSpallarmor2017-10x12_2Spall Armor -10×12


  • Soft, flexible and weighing only 4.4oz each
  • Spall Armor is made up of multiple layers of ballistics material

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Why Us:

  • Cheaper options are available on ebay but please be aware that they may use inferior material and in some cases leftover scrap
  • When comparing Spall Armor to others look at the difference in weight to tell the quality of the product and STOPPING POWER!
  • We intentionally made Spall Armor in the shape of a SQUARE vs shooter cut specifically to allow the buyer to “wrap” the corners around whatever shooter cut steel configuration they may own
  • We believe this simple concept is important, allowing for better trapping of the spall and ultimately better protection for our clients!


  • Price is for ONE PAIR (2) of Spall Armor inserts. Please note Steel Plates are not included in this listing.
  • These inserts are designed to go in FRONT of your steel plates to eliminate/reduce spall or ricochet
  • All steel plates are prone to this problem, and rubber coatings (RhinoLining & Line-X) are possibly ineffective after 1-3 shots
  • We also sell “Liner” coated plates and actual promote Spall Armor to be used in conjunction with coated steel for maximum protection and spall mitigation
  • Soft, flexible and weighing only 5.1oz each
  • Spall Armor is made up of multiple layers of ballistics material which is considered 10 times stronger than steel
  • To be most effective Spall Armor needs to be in affixed to the steel plates
  • We suggest duct tape; lots of duct tape
  • Please remember nothing will stop all spall/ricochet (NOT to be used by themselves for protection)


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