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Those bullet resistant plates and inserts are only half of the story, they need to fit inside a carrier that fits you and your needs. Choosing the right carrier depends on a number of factors including sizing options, preferred brands, specifications, tactical storage for your gear, color and accessories. Our tactical vests can hold level 2, level 3 and level 3A body armor. Browse our selection and find the one that fits your needs.

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These tactical military-spec vests are the new home for your bullet resistant inserts and plates. Body Armor Megastore proudly offers multiple options for plate carriers across various tactical needs. Whether you’re just concerned with properly storing your plates or would prefer to be able to store other pieces of tactical gear, there’s a solution here.

It’s important that your vest fits you properly, that’s why we carry products in multiple sizes. Every vest we sell is adjustable to ensure that you get a safe and personalized fit. Tactical military vests worn too tight or too baggy can be dangerous, impairing mobility or leaving the lower clavicle and upper chest exposed. If a carrier does not fit, Body Armor Megastore can exchange the product within seven days of delivery.

Buy Tactical Vests Online Easily And Affordably

Buying vests to store your inserts and plates is as easy as ever with our online store. Our tactical military gear is all shipped from our location in Pennsylvania, not overseas; and, orders arrive quickly fulfilled according to your shipping requests.

Body Armor Megastore proudly stocks Condor and NcStar plate carriers, Flyye Tactical Vests, and our very own brand at affordable prices thanks to our exclusive dealer relationships. We only carry brands that align with our belief that a low cost shouldn’t mean low quality. All of our tactical vests are built to take a beating and still function, so you can rest easy knowing that your carrier is up to any task.

Our tactical vests come in multiple color options. Black vests are most appropriate for concealment under clothes or nighttime protection, especially when stealth is needed.OD Green vests are most appropriate for daytime conditions, especially in foliage or wide, open areas. Multicam vests are useful in almost any situation but most effective in woodland environments, where they are very difficult to see. Body Armor Megastore recommends wearing appropriate colors when hunting so that game hunters can easily be seen by other hunters and avoid injury.

Body Armor Megastore proudly gives customers the option to pick and choose their plate carrier or tactical vest, bulletproof insert and any addition tactical items to mix and match. It’s important to consider the amount of mobility and purpose of your military-spec tactical vest when buying:

  • If a carrier inhibits mobility it may be difficult to retaliate with force or to move away from incoming fire quickly.
  • If a carrier is bulky or features many pockets, it may be difficult to conceal under clothing
  • If a carrier is uncomfortable, it may prompt the wearer to take it off or not wear it as often as they should.

Browse our selection of tactical vests and other products including our innovative backpack armor!

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