Backpack Armor

At Body Armor Megastore, our goal is to give you the protection you need against firearms in a variety of situations. We offer products such as backpack armor that can withstand attacks from a range of ballistics.

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Our backpack armor products are constructed with the industry-leading materials and are all laboratory tested using various weaponry to ensure your safety. Our backpack armor offerings consist of plates and inserts that are shaped to put in backpacks and protect one’s body.

This armor is useful for many instances, like hunting, combat situations or for added protection when you go about your everyday routine. Not only do we strive to offer you high-quality backpack armor that is effective in stopping different types of bullets, but we also make it affordable.

Our backpack armor varies in levels of protection and materials. Here are some of the different types we offer:


AR500 steel plates are durable and carry a rating of 500 on the Brinell scale, a measuring system that characterizes the indentation hardness of materials. Backpack armor constructed with AR500 is a valuable investment.

We test this armor with a range of weaponry. For example, we test AR500 steel with .308 and 7.62×39 ammunition from 10 yards away and multiple .223 from over 15 yards out. We also use frag-spall mitigation coating against artillery and run abrasion tests to make sure that our coating will last for a long time.

Level 3A

Armor that is rated Level 3A will protect you from small arm weapon fire such a .44 magnum, .357 Sig or a 9mm. This is a soft armor rating provided by the National Institute of Justice, which conducts tests to conduct the effectiveness of a piece of armor. This armor also still performs well after being submerged. Our Level 3A armor is made from the finest ballistic Aramid material.

In addition to our Level 3A-rated backpack armor, we also sell armor that is rated at Level 2, 2A and 3.

Body Armor Megastore’s backpack armor options are rigorously tested, proven to protect you and are also comfortable. These options will allow you to stay mobile when using them and are easier to wear due to their smooth plate edges that are free from sharp and uncomfortable burrs.

Our family-owned company based out of Royersford, PA wants to make sure that you are fully covered. In addition to our backpack armor products, we offer body armor, protective inserts, tactical shields, spall armor, tactical vests, helmets and much more. All of our products are backed up with third-party certifications that show the safety and achievements of our numerous protective items.

We make it easy to purchase backpack armor online with helpful customer service and viable shipping options as we use USPS 2-3 day priority mail on all orders. If you wish to learn more about our backpack armor options, our product testing process or any of our other items, we encourage you to contact us today.

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