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A Simple Guide to Consider When Buying Your First Tactical Vest

Tactical vests are a great form of an extra layer of protection whether you are in the military, an avid hunter, or someone working in law enforcement. However, if you’ve never purchased a tactical vest before, how will you know what kind is right for you? That’s where our body armor experts from the Body …

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5 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing The Right Vest for You

Have you decided to invest in level 2, level 3, or level 3A body armor? Here at Body Armor Megastore, we have the best selection of bulletproof inserts and other bullet resistant equipment you need. When choosing the vest that is right for you, these are five things you should keep in mind.

Professions That Can Benefit From Body Armor

Certain professions are more at risk for potential threats from the public than others. With adequate body armor equipment and gear, they can remain safe and protected from harm. Body Armor Megastore is a provider of a wide range of body armor in varying levels of protection. Police officers, bank workers, security guards, gun range …

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5 Body Armor Shields by Body Armor Megastore

Are you a collector of body armor or thinking about purchasing your first piece of protective equipment? Body Armor Megastore is the perfect place to shop for quality tactical military gear and other equipment. Additionally, we have a batch of armor shields that vary in levels of protection. Body Armor Megastore supplies a wide selection …

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Advantages of Using Backpack Armor

Using backpack armor has several advantages. If you live in a bad neighborhood or are traveling and need extra protection, then backpack armor is a great solution. Not only does it help offer personal safety, but it also helps to protect belongings. Not to mention backpack armor is affordable and easy to transport. Body Armor …

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Why Choose Backpack Armor for All Ages?

Tactical gear is a necessity for many people. Whether it’s needed for personal use or for work-related duties, having the right protective gear is important. At Body Armor Megastore, our goal is to provide customers with the right protection against firearms in a wide range of situations. In an ever-changing and often dangerous world, having …

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Body Armor Megastore Sheds Light on How a Navy Seal Sets Up Body Armor

Body armor setup is crucial for ensuring the right protection. At Body Armor Megastore, we provide tactical gear that is designed to offer safety when it’s needed most. We carry body armor plates and plate carrier bundles for those who need to buy body armor and other tactical gear, like helmets, vests, and flashlights. Our …

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How You Should Be Wearing Body Armor and a Plate Carrier

As you might already know, wearing tactical gear requires a certain level of patience and technique. It’s always important to have your gear placed the right way to ensure the highest level of protection. If you want to clarify that you’ve got your body armor on correctly, it’s pretty simple to do with just a …

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Why it’s Important to Care for Your Tactical Gear

Caring for your tactical gear should be part of your everyday routine, especially if you wear your gear frequently. Many people subscribe to the adage that if you take care of your gear, it will, in turn, take care of you. This is absolutely true, and at Body Armor Megastore, we encourage all of our …

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Why Civilians Should Also Invest in Body Armor

Since our founding, we’ve always had the belief that buying body armor and tactical gear is an investment in your personal safety and protection. Because of our firm beliefs, we never skimp on the quality of the armor we produce—ensuring they pass both state and national regulations. It may go without saying, but in today’s …

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