3 Common Misconceptions About Tactical Gear

The consumption of modern media allows millions of Americans to experience situations they may never actually come across in everyday life. While everything featured in popular culture is not a fantasy, television shows, movies, and video games do have the tendency to spread misinformation about combat situations, self-defense methods, and tactical gear. This misinformation creates misconceptions that can lead to people putting themselves in dangerous situations. Therefore, we’ve created this list of common misconceptions about tactical military gear to dispel myths and help you get a better understanding of how tactical gear actually works.


Using Tactical Gear Guarantees Survival


One of biggest misconceptions about tactical military gear is that wearing it will protect you from unlimited gunfire thus saving your life in any situation. While the purpose of tactical gear is to protect you from gunfire, the assumption that it can withstand any amount of gunfire is not only dangerous but untrue. Whether its a tactical vest or ballistic helmet, there is a limit to the amount of fire protection they will provide. In short, it is important to remember that no matter how tough a piece of tactical gear is said to be, nothing is actually “bulletproof.”


Tactical Vest Stop Rounds Without Harming the Wearer


All too often in popular culture, we see situations where a person is shot in a movie or game but bounces back up as if nothing ever happened because they were wearing a bulletproof vest. In real life, when your shot while wearing a tactical vest you can sustain injuries such as bruising,  broken ribs, and internal bleeding. The reason for this is that tactical vests work by absorbing and distributing the kinetic energy associated with gunfire over a wider area of the body so you’ll feel like you got hit with a large baseball bat instead of a small bullet.


Only the Military Can Use Tactical Gear


Most of the time, when people think of tactical gear, they picture it being worn by soldiers. However, what you may not realize is that tactical gear can also be useful to protect civilians as well. Tactical gear can be used by police officers, security guards, EMT personnel, and even everyday members of society. Essentially, tactical gear is affordable and can be used by every member of the family including children!


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