Which Level of Body Armor is Right for Me?

Here at Body Armor Megastore, we are known as one of the leading places online to buy bulletproof vests and other types of tactical military gear. In this post, we want to keep you better informed on which level of body armor is right for you. The research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice, the National Institute of Justice (NIJ), has created standards for the ballistic resistance of body armor. This is how we are able to grade our products. With these regulations set in place, it makes it simpler to choose which item is best for you. Right from the start, you’ll be aware of the minimum speed and ammunition size the product is anticipated to stop without the plate being pierced. At Body Armor Megastore, we carry three levels, with level 3 body armor being the strongest.    


Level 2 – Handgun Only


.357 Magnum 153 Gr Jacketed Soft Point 1400 – 50 ft/s

9mm Full Metal Jacket 124gr 1175 – 50 ft/s


Level 3A – Handgun Only


.44 Magnum 240 Gr Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point 1400 – 50 ft/s

9mm Full Metal Jacket 124gr 1400 – 50 ft/s


Level 3 – Rifle Rated


62mm Full Metal Jacket 150 Gr 2750 – 50 ft/s


There are several reasons why you may consider body protection options. Maybe you want to go to the shooting range and practice your shot, or perhaps you need to defend something or someone from danger. Regardless of the situation, Body Armor Megastore is the place to shop online. Have the everyday insurance package of a bulletproof vest and bulletproof inserts, and you’ll be able to shield yourself from the ballistic impact of a gun.  


All of the armor we have in our collection is ergonomically fitted, so there is no discomfort when you are wearing it. This is especially beneficial given the chaotic situations many people who wear these products find themselves in. If you are ready to purchase some of the highest-quality body armor around, give us a call today at 51-ARMOR-GUY or check out the rest of our site for the product perfect for you.