A Simple Guide to Consider When Buying Your First Tactical Vest

Tactical vests are a great form of an extra layer of protection whether you are in the military, an avid hunter, or someone working in law enforcement. However, if you’ve never purchased a tactical vest before, how will you know what kind is right for you? That’s where our body armor experts from the Body Armor Megastore come in. Today we are here to explain the common uses of a tactical vest, how to determine a threat level, and the styles we have available for sale in our store. Hopefully, by the end of this article, you are better informed and ready to buy your very own tactical vest!

First things first, what’s a tactical vest?

A tactical vest is a form of body armor that has strategically placed plates to help stop a bullet from inflicting harm and injury. Tactical vests are offered with varying levels of protection and can be catered to each individual’s needs and environment. In addition to the protection plates, every tactical vest will come with sewn-in pockets and clips that allow the user to carry anything from ammo to a water bottle.

How Do I Determine the Threat Level?

To start, we want to make one thing clear – tactical vests are not bulletproof. If you are looking for protection that is bullet resistant, please see our inventory of bulletproof shields.

Using the guidelines set forth by the National Institute of Justice, Body Armor Megastore has composed the following guide on selecting the threat level that makes the most sense for what you are protecting yourself from.

Level I – .22 long rifle, 40 grain, 1,050 feet per second
Level IIA – 9mm FMJ, 124 grain, 1,090 feet per second
Level II – .357 magnum, 158 grain, 1,400 feet per second
Level IIIA – .44 magnum, 240 grain, 1,400 feet per second
Level III – 7.62 mm, 150 grain, 2,750 feet per second
Level IV – 30-06, 166 grain, 2,850 feet per second

What Different Styles Can I Choose From?

Tactical vests come in plate carrier form and cross draw. For the purpose of this article, we are going to detail a plate carrier vest, as it’s more commonly used.

Plate carrier tactical vests are customizable and offer the user endless opportunities to suit their vest to their exact needs. Plates can be placed anywhere on the vest from the front, back, side to side, and according to the level of protection needed.

We hope that after reading this article, you have a better idea of what a tactical vest is and what type is best suited to your wants and needs. If not, Body Armor Megastore is here to answer all of your questions in regards to buying tactical gear. We can be reached by dialing 51-ARMOR-GUY or by filling out a simple contact form on our website.