How You Should Be Wearing Body Armor and a Plate Carrier

As you might already know, wearing tactical gear requires a certain level of patience and technique. It’s always important to have your gear placed the right way to ensure the highest level of protection. If you want to clarify that you’ve got your body armor on correctly, it’s pretty simple to do with just a few concise directions. At Body Armor Megastore, we understand that you need to be fitted properly for all of your tactical gear which is why we offer the highest level of customer service to help you feel confident in your armor.

A plate carrier needs to be on right and properly adjusted for it to perform optimally.

Most people wonder if they’ve purchased the right size. As a general rule, we recommend a
10×12 plate if you wear anything from a small up to an extra-large. Beyond that, you can still wear a 10×12 plate comfortably, but can always move up to a 11×14 plate, if necessary. Ideally, you want your plate carrier to allow for mobility. The top of your plate should sit one to one and a half inches below the V in your neck and on top of your sternum that meets the collarbone. The bottom of the plate should also be above your belly button.

Side plate positions vary for everyone, but should generally be centered.

Since they’re adjustable, your side plate position is up to your discretion and will depend on the kind of carrier you wear. Make sure that you can move freely and still maintain a centered position on your body. Making a few side to side motions will help you determine if your side plate is too snug or too loose.

Your back plate, on the other hand, should ride as high as you can tolerate in relation to your front plate.

Count a few vertebrae down the back of your neck to find the correct alignment. One of the most important tips to keep in mind is that you don’t want your plate to be worn too low. You need to find out what plate size will offer you the best protection without compromising your mobility. Some people wear an 8×10 plate and are protected while others wear a 10×12 plate. Try a few on and see which fit best.

If you’re looking for the highest quality level 3 body armor and if you need to buy a level 3 bulletproof vest, get in touch with Body Armor Megastore. We’ll get you fitted into the right gear quickly and affordably!